Live for Today, Plan for Tomorrow: Tips to Increase Your Independence, Mamas!


Most moms I know, including myself, worry about the future, particularly when it comes to our children. Women tend to think much farther ahead then men, which can lead to frustration and anxiety as the daily tasks of motherhood add up… and we are also worrying about what lies ahead!

However, despite the worry, not too many of us are truly prepared for unforeseen events. We can get side-swiped by life! Where’s the plan, ladies? 

This post is not intended to freak you out, but sometimes we need a reality check. When skies are clear and life is running along smoothly, we can get too complacent. I think one of the biggest mistakes we make is losing ourselves in our children and husbands. Most mothers are true caregivers!

Amazing and selfless, giving everything to their littles to ensure that they have the best life ever. Even as a wife, most of us go above and beyond to do what we can to be an amazing and supportive spouse to our husbands. But what about you Mama? What do you do for you? How are you taken care of for the future – mentally, physically and financially? 

Have you ever thought about the unforeseen? I mean, who really wants to think of anything negative happening in their lives? But the reality is, sometimes things change. Bad things happen and you don’t want to be hit like a mack truck, with no plan for the future. Too many women stay in unhappy marriages, deal with cheating spouses and/or find themselves hopeless in the event of a tragedy. What if your spouse was taken from you and you didn’t have a plan for the future? You are SO IMPORTANT MAMA! Your future matters too!!

Here are a few tips to consider to try and increase your independence. Please note, these are also important to pay attention to if you plan to re-enter the workforce, purchasing a new house, etc. 

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6 Tips to Start Planning

1. Check/Repair your credit– If you are already a financial whiz, you may already be on top of this. Bravo! But if not, it is super important for the future! Many SAHM moms who rely solely on their husband’s support may have the cards and bills in hubby’s name and therefore may not have their own established credit. These days, everyone checks your credit! And no credit can be a bad thing as well. Especially if you ever find yourself needing to find a new place to live, it can impact your chances of getting something decent.

2. Update your resume– Even if you haven’t worked in 10 years, you STILL have marketable skills: Caregiver, Volunteer, Chef, Chauffeur, advocate, tutor/educator, etc. Be sure to include any volunteer groups, networks and education you have obtained. Also be sure to have a good set of references on hand. You can even ask friends to write character references. Do you already have side activities such as a craft shop or event-planning hobby? Include all of that! Any Mama hustle shows the ability to multitask, provide customer service and even management! 

3. Get your own bank accounts– I am not suggesting you lie to anyone. I have just heard far too many women find themselves in circumstances where the only access to funds is an account that someone else can drain if they feel like it. Besides, this is also a great way to handle surprise gifts and/or trips for hubby! In the event of some unforeseen occurrence, would you have the money to move? Pay rent on your own? Or get your own car/transportation?

4. Be sure to have your own reliable transportation– Be sure to have at least one vehicle in your name. This not only helps with your credit, but makes sure you are covered. 

5. Make sure you have amazing social supports in place– #Momlife gets hard and sometimes we find ourselves in new areas with no family support. It is so important to have help in case of an emergency. Do you have trusted friends or family you can call at 3am? Or somewhere to go to get out of a bad situation for the night? Someone to help either take the kids for a moment or assist with pick up/drop offs? This is important not only for your mental health but just smart in general! Who doesn’t need a little adult conversation no matter how adorbs your 2-yr-old is?!

6. Check your insurance coverage– This one is the worst to think about, I know, but probably the most important. In the event of one or more of the income earners in your home passing away, are there enough life insurance funds available to help the other sustain and care for the children for a while at least? It is recommended you plan for 6 months of income. The last thing any of us want to think of during a period of grief are bills.

My hope is that life always go smoothly for all of us and no issues take place! Believe me, I also want to live happily ever after. But it is always best to be cautiously optimistic as we prepare for life throwing us curveballs. Good luck out there mamas! And remember, you are doing a great job!!!! Be sure to take care of you along the way.

Any other tips or experience you would like to share with us? Comment below!!! 

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