Run the World {Girls}: A Beauty Time in History


I love me some great Beyonce, girl power music. We live in an amazing time in history. Girl power is HUGE. Beyonce is singing about it. Hilary Clinton is campaigning to do it. Michelle Obama is encouraging young minds to do it. Ivanka Trump is killing it in the workplace.


After years of Disney princesses being rescued by their knights in shining armor, it’s wonderful to see a generation of women saving the world.

I grew up with the princesses.  I dreamed countless hours of when my dream prince would rescue me from my tower or when prince charming would wake me with “love’s first kiss”. As I was excited to introduce my daughter to the world of princesses, I noticed she wasn’t as excited as I hoped. She watched the movies, wore the dresses and played “princesses” to appease me but I noticed her GLUED to the television as Powerpuff Girls and Wonder Woman came on. She would run through my home saving her sister from the evil MOMster and defending justice at all costs.

 That’s when I noticed my daughter was a superhero.

Wonder Woman

With Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth and bracelets of {loving} submission, she seems to be the icon of this generation. Wonder Woman stands for everything we would want for our little girls.

She fights for justice, love, peace and equality.

I want to live in a world where my daughters grow up and know they can do and be anything they want. I want them to receive equal and fair pay for their work as their male counterparts. I want them be free to love whoever they choose. I want them to always fight for the truth and do what is right.

We are living in a time where there is a woman in the running to be a president. That’s monumental! Win or lose, Hilary Clinton is making history. Our First Lady of The United States is making speeches all over the world encouraging young girls to get a higher education to break through glass ceilings to make history. Top entertainers like Beyonce and Taylor Swift are teaching our young girls to be strong, independent and unique. Daughter of presidential candidate, Ivanka Trump has become the ideal figure for women in the workplace. You can be a mom, have a great career and look stylish juggling it all.

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As mothers, we have the beautiful opportunity to encourage our daughters to be anything they want to do regardless of their race, economic background, disabilities or physical appearance. We can change the world-one mind at a time! We must encourage our girls they can reach for the stars, follow their hearts and think outside of the box.

I encourage you to wake up each day and tell your daughter to dream big, be brave and be kind.

Whether it be politics, entertainment or business, there are women every day breaking glass ceilings. Who is your modern day wonder woman?


  1. I believe many women, not all, have been repressed for many generations and we are now been forced to take charge and learn to defend ourselves due to lack of willing men.


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