6 Things I learned From a Six Year Old


Isn’t it so bittersweet when your little ones blossom and grow right before your eyes? Before you know it, they are SIX, not two, and teaching you all sorts of things. 

Recently, my experience with my six year old has been a huge dose of reality. She is my youngest- my baby– but life is busy and I haven’t slowed down enough to listen to the wisdom she possesses.

six year oldAs I hold back my tears and succumb to the fact that this tiny human is wise beyond her six years of life- I thought we could all use a reminder of the precious wisdom of children.

  1. Do all things with a passionate heart. Six years olds bleed passion. They don’t hold back when they are singing (at the top of their lungs) which sometimes can make you cringe. Other times, it makes their little soul burst out of their voice boxes with the most amazing melody (if you listen closely). When they play, they play fully with their face, body and mind. So when they are running full speed ahead down the hill, they are guaranteed to fall. Try not to stress, as they are having the time of their lives, cuts and all, with not a care in the world. And when they spend one hour drawing a picture for you, they have carefully thought out each and every color and where those colors will go on that picture all to make you happy. If only we did all things, like make dinner, with a passionate heart rather then toss something together and hope it tastes good. 
  2. You can make friends with anyone! Six year olds are best friends with everyone. Literally. It always amazes me how that works. Six year olds can spend 20 minutes with any aged child at the park and walk away saying, “I can’t wait to see my best friend next time at the park.” They can name every single person that they know and consider them their best friends. In fact, my six year old is also “best friends” with our neighbors dog. Where as, I am more likely to judge someone on their appearance alone, rather then strike up a conversation to get to know them. Wouldn’t it be nice to walk around with no filter? To accept everyone as they are and still call them your best friend?
  3. The truth will set you free. Six year olds are wise beyond their years. They always tell the truth, (unless they are at the cusp of learning how to lie) and that lesson is easy to learn from. When they do something wrong, and you approach them- they tend to look down at the ground, kick the dirt and softly whisper “yes” when you ask if it was them who spilled the orange juice all over the kitchen floor. What if we all told the truth? “Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.” -Albert Einstein. 
  4. Be unapologetically you! Six years olds are who they are and they don’t care what others think! They proudly display the confidence needed to pick out their own outfits every morning. Whether they match or not, they walk around strutting their individualism. Hair brushed, or not, morning syrup on their shirt, and mis-matched socks add to their personality. We could all use the reminder to unapologetically be ourselves. 
  5. Give to others without the expectation of a return. Six year olds are selfless! They will share and give until there is nothing left. My six year old recently got a bead set for Christmas and immediately thought of everyone she knew and decided on what she could make for each of those people. She loves to give and she never expects anything in return. The last bite of her chocolate cake? “Here mommy!” The last sip of her orange juice? “Daddy you can have it!” Or the last box in the advent calendar to open that should have been hers? “Here sis! You can open it!” It is with the kindness of a 6 six year olds heart that they give. What if we did the same??six year old
  6. When you are full, stop eating. Seriously friends- we could all learn a lot from this simple rule. Six year olds know when they are full. They can seriously sit there for an hour and not eat another bite once they have proclaimed this. However, they know how to save room for dessert. Always save room for dessert!


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