Struggling with a Slow Wi-Fi Connection? Read This [SPONSORED]

This is a Cox Communications sponsored post, but as always, all thoughts expressed are 100% my own.

Cox Wifi Tips Family PicNothing is more frustrating than the dreaded “loading” icon popping up on a website or on your TV app while you are trying to play your favorite movie.

We live in a technology-centric, 2-hour delivery, I want it “right now” kind of world. Combine that with the fact that during the pandemic many of us are working from home, our children are attending school online, and we’re all just generally home a lot more. 

Us moms are typically the go-to person when things aren’t working around the house. Next time your husband or children are screaming from the other room, “What’s wrong with the internet?” or “Why isn’t my show playing?” we have you covered with some quick tips to improve your home internet service.

After all, we can use some help playing SuperMom!

Top Tips to Improve Your Home Internet

Cox communications zoomHate being on Zoom all day? So does your internet.

Only use video conferencing for those must-see moments. If video conferencing is the preferred way to meet for your job, try service-saving hacks like only turning on your camera when speaking and lowering your video resolution, or using audio-only settings. 

Password-Protect Your Wi-Fi

Double-check that your home internet network is password protected and that no one else but your family is using it. Also, your phone number or address is not a strong password! 

Location of Your Modem

Did you know that your internet experience can be slowed down if your Wi-Fi router is near a microwave, a fish tank, or a mirror? Not sure about you, but my modem currently is housed on the floor under our TV. Wi-Fi signals travel outward and downward so it may struggle to reach all of your connected devices if it is placed on the floor. You may want to consider elevating the modem to the top of a shelf or a desk.  

Lower the Resolution on Any Home Security Cameras

Do you have a doorbell camera or other security cameras around your home? Consider lowering the resolution when you’re home. You can adjust settings and reduce the resolution and still effectively monitor the areas. 

Your Internet Can Catch Coronavirus (JK, It Can’t), But Computer Viruses Can Slow Your Internet!

I am not sure what would be comparable to LimeWire (yes, I know I am dating myself here), but don’t let your kids have FREE reign of the internet. Computer viruses and malware can slow down your home internet. Click here to learn more about using the Cox Security Suite Plus powered by McAfee. 

Cox Communications photoTalk about some great tips to help keep the peace at home. Life is hard enough. We don’t need a slow internet connection to cause more issues. 

A special thank you to Cox Communications for sharing these resources with us. If you want to learn more Wi-Fi pro tips, CLICK HERE


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