“I Choose You” – a Valentine’s Day Reminder


I know: Valentine’s Day has its fair share of cynics. They say it’s all about greedy card companies that make us purchase cards, flowers and chocolates for their own profit. Plus, shouldn’t we be living a “Valentine’s Day” vibe with our loved ones throughout the year??

And while those things may be true…

Who doesn’t like to get chocolate, flowers, or cards, just because it’s a “love” holiday? 

And this holiday in not just for romantic relationships either. For example, in Mexico, Valentine’s Day is “Dia de Amistad”, which translates to “Day of Friendship,” so it’s about friends too!

Much like Thanksgiving reminds me to be grateful, I have found Valentine’s Day reminds me to kick things up a notch with my loved ones.

In what can feel like what’s become a sort of “throw away” culture, where we easily dispose of anyone for virtually any reason (I know plenty of people who stopped talking to each other over politics), Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate the times we chose love over anger. Love over misunderstandings. Love over our own egos.

We are all (both guys and ladies) so busy these days, we can easily forget to give a second thought of sweetness to our partners.

Because it is often the relationships that make us feel the most secure that we tend to overlook.

I know, I know, perhaps this Christmas kicked your budgetary bootie, but that’s OK—it doesn’t have to be extravagant. Perhaps your Valentine chocolate bliss can be found in your friend or partner helping you fold laundry, or in getting a couple of hours just to be; together in conversation over coffee.

valentine's day

A few days ago, I decided to play catch up on a show that I love called “Jane the Virgin”. I don’t want to spoil anything, plus, it’s an old episode, but the plot alludes to the fact that people who stay together, don’t do so by the magic of destiny. They do it by “choosing each other” time and time again.

They choose each other when it might be easier to walk away or stop trying.

And this is what I mean when I think about Valentine’s Day. Yes, it might involve some gifts that may seem superficial. But that’s besides the point. It’s a reminder to add just a touch of extra sweetness to our relationships.

I remember when my mom used to leave little notes of love and encouragement in our lunches. I later learned she did this for my dad too. What a great thing for a child to know and see!

Indeed, we should do these things all year round.

Hopefully, this Valentine’s day will remind us that we have permission to go beyond the usual, without the excuse of a holiday (or a guilty conscience!). 

Cheers and blessings for all your unions, partnerships, and friendships this Valentine’s Day, and for many more to come!


Do you have a Valentine’s Day tradition with your loved one(s)? If so, please share your ideas!**

**Let’s keep them rated G, lol


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