Hospital Bag Essentials: Don’t Forget Anything!

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I am in the process of packing my second hospital bag, and this time around I don’t want to miss anything.

The first days in the hospital can be very messy, and I remember being short on clothes and missing some useful stuff the first time around. I know every mom will have their own necessities when it’s time to pack, but I just want to give some ideas and products that can be convenient. I always try to look for natural products, good for baby and mom too.

Here are my hospital bag essentials! 

Mama Care

Here are must-haves for ourselves, mamas. Besides these products in the picture, I added a make up bag with some concealer, mascara and lip moisturizer, just to make me feel human after birth. And of course shower gel, shampoo and a brush.

hopsital bag

The FridaBaby MomWasher

I remember using the hospital one and I didn’t like it. This one is easier to use and more convenient.

Herbal perineal spray

They give you pain relief spray at the hospital, but this one is all-natural and safer.

Mama Freshening Spray from Tubby Todd 

This is great after having baby, it has a nice and light smell so it’s not strong for baby, and it’s all natural. Perfect for freshening yourself between nursing sessions.

Disposable underwear

This disposable underwear looks so much more comfortable than the ones from the hospital. I personally hated the hospital underwear and pads. These ones from Always are all in one, plus they are cute and smell good!

Postpartum belt support

I used this Medela belt the next day after I delivered my baby and I have to say it felt so nice wearing it. I was feeling a pulling sensation in my stomach muscles and this helped me. It helps to shrink the stomach muscles back into place.

A Big towel is also a must! I learned this the first time, the hospital towels are small.

    Nursing Must-haves

hospital bag

Nursing pads

These pads were my favorite. I tried different brands and I always ended up buying the Avent brand.

Boppy nursing pillow

This pillow could be your best friend if you are planning on breastfeeding for the long term. I was missing it the first time around and the hospital pillows were too small and uncomfortable. It can be used as a resting or sitting pillow for the baby later on.

Nursing tanks

So convenient to wear the first couple of months. I like the ones with a built-in bra like these ones from Target. They are really soft and you don’t even need a bra!

Snacks and bottles of water are some things I would not miss!! You can add some lactation cookies or bars to your hospital bag. I liked bringing my own cup to the hospital so I could refill it with water during labor or for a different drink after.


Baby Needs

hospital bag

It is true that baby does not need much, but it is good to pack clothing in two different sizes and a going home outfit. Of course you will use your camera for those lovely first pictures. I would add a cute blanket to use in the hospital bassinet or for going home. The big thing you can not forget is the car seat, of course, they will test it at the hospital too!

I would like to know what you are packing or packed that was useful to you! Leave me a comment!


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