Badge-Less Fun for San Diego Comic-Con 2018 (SDCC Offsites Guide)



Didn’t get a Badge to Comic-Con 2018? Don’t despair!!! There is so much fun to be had this week in San Diego at Comic-Con offsites, and the list may not even begin to touch all there is to do, but it may give you a few ideas for some locations to check out!


If this is your first year getting in on the action, please check out our “Top 10 Comic-Con Survival Tips” post. It just may be your key to survival with the littlest superheroes. 

One last tip: This year, check the Comic-Con perimeters! This year they are adjusted to have a bigger closed area for those without badges. I believe Harbor will be mostly closed to non-attendees. Sadly, because of this closure, I cannot really guarantee our normal offsite events will all be open to the public, but hopefully! Also, a good number will also pop up without announcement and perfectly where you can access them.

Just Some of Comic-Con Offsites:


*Let us know if you hear of any more Comic-Con offsites fun, we would love to share them!


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