SDMB Cares – Back to School Drive Event


Imagine a world where children were taught empathy, compassion, and the drive to help others the way they were taught math or science.

Don’t you think that this world might look slightly different? I am not saying we don’t teach math or science, but what I am saying is that there are not enough opportunities to volunteer with young children and as parents, and we typically don’t make it a priority. From personal experience, I volunteered with my mother from the time I can remember and I went on to volunteer as a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters, CASA, Boys and Girls Clubs – just to name a few. I am not saying that to “toot my own horn”, I am saying that because I believe profoundly that my experiences as a child volunteering with my mother led me in that direction. 

Volunteering, empathy, compassion, the overall need to help others on a much larger scale became a part of my DNA. Which is why I am absolutely thrilled to launch our first monthly SDMB Cares volunteer event on Sunday, August 12th from 10-12pm at Copley-Price Family YMCA in partnership with SAY San Diego and their Back To School Initiative. 

Our goal and mission behind these monthly events is to replicate the experience I just mentioned above. It is so hard to find opportunities to volunteer with kids of all ages and we here at the San Diego Moms Blog are going to provide you with just that. One opportunity a month and you won’t want to miss it!

(One ticket fee per family – $5 and
you must bring at least 3 items on the Supply List)
The more you can bring the better! 

Volunteer opportunities at the event
Collect and sort all of the supplies
Pack the backpacks with the supplies
Positive Affirmation Card Stations / Coloring 

A little about this month’s non-profit partner:
SAY San Diego’s Back to School Program supports over 3,000 students in San Diego County, and we are excited to partner with them and support their cause. SDMB Cares goal is to PACK 100 backpacks for their program, which we will pick up from SAY San Diego to pack on the day of the event. 
Every year, countless San Diego youth come to class without essential school supplies because their families cannot afford them. After the expenses for food, rent, clothing, and other essentials, struggling households can be left with nothing in their budgets for basic school supplies.

SDMB Cares is a new initiative of the San Diego Moms Blog. Our mission is simple: to support and connect families to local non-profits through volunteering, fundraising and raising awareness. We are committed to giving back to our local San Diego community and teaching our children the importance of volunteering and community service. 

Join our closed SDMB Cares FB Group to find out more about volunteer events for the entire family.


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