San Diego Moms in the News

The mission and heart behind San Diego Moms is to not only be a resource for local families – but to also help build community and friendships both online and offline. We do this through our local events and by sharing a variety of unique perspectives of parenting on our blog with our daily posts.

We love being able to share our perspectives with so many readers in the greater San Diego area and absolutely appreciate when the news takes notice! Inviting us to share our community through the news is just another way for us to reach more of our local #momtribe.

Check out some of the news segments and articles San Diego Moms has been featured in!

San Diego Moms was named a top San Diego, CA, local expert by Redfin. Check out the article we were featured in: [8 Most Affordable San Diego Suburbs to Live In | Redfin]

9/25/18 – CBS News 8 feature on our amazing Mom Hacks & Helpers with Deanne Goodman, Brandy Kane, Reva Mody & Niki Jones
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