SeaWorld’s Ultimate Shark Experience: Dive in and Meet the VIPs (Very Important Predators)


Dive into the Shark Week Celebration!

Not sure about you, but we love Shark Week in our house and with it fast approaching, I couldn’t resist the chance to explore SeaWorld’s all-new ‘Ultimate Shark Experience‘. So if you have some shark lovers in your house, here are some fin-tastic tips to make the most of this jaw-dropping adventure. (OK – I am done with the puns, maybe 🦈)

seaworld entranceThe Ultimate Shark Experience: Available Now through July 28th

My daughter Kaia (7) and I had a BLAST at SeaWorld’s limited-time ‘Ultimate Shark Experience‘ over the weekend.

Here’s a glimpse into all the fun we had at this unique experience and what you can expect!

The Ultimate Shark Experience at Seaworld offers you early access to see, touch, feed, and learn about the ocean’s VIPs (Very Important Predators): Sharks up-close and personal.

First, we joined a private group, where park educators shared fascinating details about sharks’ importance to our planet’s ecosystem and why they truly are the VIP of the ocean!

 The water was FREEZING, but I couldn’t believe how brave Kaia was and it nice to have the opportunity to experience that with a small group. 

See Sharks Up Close

The guided tour that took us to an exclusive area above the aquarium. The sight of resident sharks up close was simply jaw-dropping! 

Kaia’s favorite part: They let us take up REAL shark teeth!!!! (Photo ⤴️) You also have time to head indoors and cool off inside their aquarium where you can enjoy viewing all the amazing sea life including dozens of species of sharks, rays, fish and more. Be sure to catch a glimpse of the VIPs!

Thrills and Souvenirs 

Speed Like a Shark     

We had a blast with front-of-the-line access to thrilling shark- and ray-inspired rides like ‘Great White’, ‘Manta’, and ‘Mako’ – the best roller coaster in the US!

girl with shark toy at seaworld shark weekTake Home Shark Swag

SeaWorld surprised us with a fin-tastic shark-themed souvenir. We picked a shark plush toy, but there were hats, blankets, and more to choose from!

Sip and sea with a relaxing bite and refreshing shark inspired beverage.  

  • A Shark-Colada – Pina colada w/ Blue Raspberry syrup and a gummy shark
  • Baby Shark Lemonade – Blue Raspberry lemonade with a gummy shark
  • Enjoy a complimentary meal that includes an entrée and one non-alcoholic beverage. *No side included. Additional items can be purchased separately. Meal not valid for specialty dining, special events, souvenir products, alcoholic beverages, or specialty dining options. TIP: Have your guide show you where you can redeem these coupons on the way to the aquarium tour!

Help SeaWorld Protect Sharks!

Remember, every ‘Seaworld Ultimate Shark Experience‘ ticket contributes to shark conservation efforts. SeaWorld’s commitment to protecting these magnificent creatures ensures they’ll keep gracing our oceans for generations to come.

So, if you’re looking for an adventure during Shark Week, dive into SeaWorld’s ‘Ultimate Shark Experience.’ It’s the perfect way to celebrate these ocean VIPs in a truly unique way!

Happy Shark Week, everyone! 🦈❤️

The ultimate Shark Experience SeaWorld flyer


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