Meet Chewie an Electronic Storage Detection (ESD) Police K9 at Family Safety Day!


The role of Electric Storage Detection (ESD) K9s in protecting children against online predators cannot be overemphasized, as they provide invaluable assistance in detecting and preventing crimes against children.

According to the FBI, an estimated 750,000 child predators are online at any given time, with easy access to children through the internet. As parents, it is essential to realize the vulnerability of our children in this digital age and take necessary precautions to protect them.

The ESD K9 Detection Program is one of the many ways that Operation Underground Railroad supports domestic law enforcement and their ability to prevent and prosecute crimes against children.

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BIG NEWS: Chewie, ESD Detection K9 in Riverside County is Set to Stop by Family Safety Day!

Meet Chewie! ⬅️

Chewie became a vital part of the Riverside team through Operation Underground Railroad’s ESD Detection K9 Program. He and his handler, Joel Pabelico, will be making a special appearance at the Family Safety Day on 9/30, where they will demonstrate the remarkable work they do as an ESD K9 team.

San Diego is among the top 13 human trafficking hotspots in the country, with an estimated $810 million contribution annually to the city’s underground economy.
Surprisingly, San Diego does not have an ESD K9 to combat online predators, making it more vulnerable to these predators.

Which is WHY San Diego Moms has launched a fundraiser to raise $21,000, which will cover the costs of placing an ESD Detection K9 in San Diego.

This includes all expenses such as K9 training, a monthly stipend for food, vet care, and Jordan Detections. Jordan Detection K9 partners Operation Underground Railroad and part of that project includes providing funds to train ESD K9s at no cost to the agency.

The impact of ESD K9s has been astounding, with K9 handlers reporting over 250 arrests and the rescue or identification of more than 120 victims in ongoing investigations this year.

The goal of the fundraising campaign is to ensure the training of an ESD Dog specifically for San Diego. If $21K seems like a daunting task, here’s some simple math, all we need is 1,050 mothers to contribute just $20, and that’s $21,000.

It’s a small price to pay to protect our children!

San Diego’s status as a human trafficking hotspot is a concern that needs to be addressed. The University of San Diego and Point Loma Nazarene University estimated that sex trafficking generates more than $810 M annually for San Diego’s underground economy, with up to 8,000 victims per year, with victims averaging 16 years old. The same study found that 90% of high schools in San Diego County reported cases of sex trafficking, and 100% of those schools reported recruitment of their students.

“The average sex offender will often offend against several victims before disclosures happen and they’re caught,” said JC Holt, O.U.R. Director of Domestic Operations. “These monsters are out there finding more victims. By getting this key digital evidence needed to secure convictions, we are proactively saving people from becoming victims from the offenders committing these heinous crimes.”

Combating child trafficking requires collective effort and awareness and education play a vital role, but we also want to make sure every pedophile that uses the internet to traffic children are found, arrested, and that charges stick.

The ESD K9 Program supports officers in doing just that!

Chewie’s handler Joel Pabelico said “the dogs are invaluable in finding evidence, saving time during searches and providing emotional support for the officers exposed to these heinous crimes”.

Join the fight today, and let us make a difference together.


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