Kylie Jenner and I Were Pregnant Together


Kylie Jenner and I were pregnant together. Let me share the story. It was a crowded room. I didn’t know 99% of the people there, so I hung out close to my friends. My friends, the Kardashians.We chatted, light casual conversation about our outfits, how hungry we were and makeup, but soon things turned for the worse. As Kyle and I were comparing baby bumps, Khloe declared: “Kylie isn’t really pregnant!!” Insert gasp and dramatic music… dum dum dum!! 

So obviously, this was a dream. Dare I say in a public forum that I don’t particularly like the Kardashians? So how the heck did they end up in my dream? I have my usual, I’m-super-stressed-out-and-I’m-about-to-crack dream, like the one when all my teeth fall out. It starts with one wiggly tooth and then another and then another. Even the taste of blood feels real, down to the iron metal taste in my mouth. 

The other night I had a dream about a bunch of humungous boa constrictors in the grass. I remember thinking, “they can’t hurt you, you’re fine.” I went back to my house only to have a flood of muddy rushing water come through my patio, and then the fence started to break and fall apart. There I was trying to keep the fence together against the rushing muddy water all the while thinking of those snakes! Needless to say I didn’t feel very rested the next morning.

So what are dreams all about? Are they our subconscious telling us to take it easy when we’re stressed? Do they warn us against moving forward or not moving forward in a particular life decision? If that is true than how did the Kardashians end up in my dream???

According to The National Sleep Foundations there are 5 theories to why we dream.
1. Dreams Act As Therapy – often your dreams force you to face an emotional circumstance that is actually happening.
2. Dreams Let You Perfect Dealing with Threats – humans might use dreams to practice fight or flight responses even if your limbs are still.
3. Dreams Allow You to Practice a Skill – dreams can give you an opportunity to practice major life events that require extra concentration.
4. Dreams Let You Get Creative – dreams can help you think in imaginative ways.
5. Dreams Declutter Your Brain – during dreams your brain may evaluate what is important and what is not.
You can read more here.

Those answers are just fine. However, I kept searching until I found an answer I liked better. A second opinion if you will. I found a dream dictionary that pretty much let me piece together my dream meanings until I felt good about them. Unfortunately there were no “Kardashians” under K so for now I am going to call it a mistake. I mean, even while awake I have had silly thoughts cross my mind that I have had to put a stop to. Yup, I am filing that one under Oops.

As I was perusing the internet I did come across some fun facts. If you can Google it then it must be true, right? I cannot confirm these “facts” but they did make me go hmmm…:

1. Did you know blind people dream?
2. We forget 90% of our dreams.
3. Everybody dreams. (Duh, and yet I was somewhat surprised at #1)
4. Dreams prevent psychosis. (Good to know, keep the dreams coming)
5. We only dream about what we know and what we see in life.
6. Not everyone dreams in color; some dream in black and white.
7. Babies do not dream about themselves until around the age of 3. (Awww, thats a sweet thought)

(You can piece together your dreams like I did here –

Dreams of flying are one of the most common dreams.

Whatever interpretation you like best is up to you. I personally just like the act of dreaming. The mystery. The fact that there isn’t really an answer and just like life, it is what you make of it. Never stop dreaming!


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