Mommy Needs a TIME OUT (Or some time off!)


You used to be a dreamer, so passionate and full of life. You used to go out dancing and spend time with friends. You used to stay up late, going to concerts and shows. You used to write or sing, dance or read. You used to have fire in your eyes.

And now you are “mom”. Your days are filled with multiple sets of errands and chores. Countless hours spent changing diapers, parent/teacher conferences, doing laundry, cooking etc. Late nights are much less glamorous-nursing babies to sleep. The only singing you do is to your toddler. The dishes are your “after the kids are in bed” project. When was the last time you changed out of your yoga pants?

Don’t worry- WE GET IT! Been there, done that. This is a NO JUDGEMENT zone.

But it’s time…

mommy time outTime to find some time for YOU, Mom. There is still a woman in there, begging to come out. Of course you love your babies, but you are more than Motherhood. An hour or two away, making time for you, won’t hurt them, I promise! Don’t let their crocodile tears fool you!! You will find that you are better for it. There was a twinkle in your eye that your husband loved when you met. Don’t let that fire go out.

Self care is so important, so please, make time for you Mom! I am pretty sure you have forgotten what that means by now, but it’s okay. This mommy time out is necessary.

Here is a list of ideas, but the possibilities are endless. Find the time- twenty minutes, an hour, maybe even a whole day. (GASP! ) Do it for you, believe me, it will help everyone in the long run!

Mommy Time Out Ideas-

  1. Get a Makeover
  2. Take a Spa Daymommy time out
  3. Host a girl’s night
  4. Go out dancing in downtown San Diego! Double Duece, Four Points Sheraton, etc.
  5. Join a book club
  6. Start a blog (or join us!!)
  7. Take an Art Class
  8. Go Hiking at Cowles Mountain
  9. Learn to play an instrument
  10. Read Poetry
  11. Go to a Comedy show at The American Comedy Co.
  12. Take a College course at San Diego City College
  13. Go get a Coffee at Swell and chat it up with an old friend
  14. Zumba!!!
  15. Go out to a Karaoke Bar. Try Chorus!
  16. Go to an amusement park (without your kids! Belmont Park counts too!!)
  17. Binge watch a new show (or an old favorite!)
  18. Pick up a hobby (crocheting is awesome!!)
  19. Take a bubble bath, in candlelight with your favorite music in the background.mommy time out
  20. Go window shopping at Las Americas Outlets or Carlsbad Outlets
  21. Actually start scrap-booking (I know you own the stuff)
  22. Check out an open mic night or one of So Say We All open storytelling events.
  23. Go to the movies and watch something that isn’t a cartoon!!
  24. Go see a play at The Old Globe, The Lyceum or The Coronado Playhouse.
  25. Learn to line dance at Incahoots.
  26. Explore flea markets/swap meets or antique shops
  27. Go for a swim at a local Rec center, YMCA or at one of our beautiful beaches.

Do whatever you want to fill that space. I know your heart is full of your family, but just remember to keep a space for you.

You will thank yourself.



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Krystal is a fulltime working Mother of 3. Surrogate to an adorable set of Swiss boy/girl twins. She spends her days as a Residential Service Coordinator at PATH Connections Housing helping support some of San Diego's most vulnerable to maintain permanent housing. When she isn't teaching classes to the residents, sharing her passion of using the Arts to practice self care, she is writing her own personal blog and sharing her other passions with the world! Theatre fills her heart and she is currently working on an original play. A lover of essential oils and sharing the benefits with anyone who will listen! An avid Crafter, she enjoys creating her own crochet designs, wreaths and dabbles in painting. Loves spending time with her children and her husband, playing, dancing, swimming, traveling and enjoying our beautiful city. Follow her personal blog at or Crochet shop at



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