The Top 3 Benefits of Seeing a Chiropractor During Pregnancy



I remember the constant nausea and vomiting, the sleepless nights, the heartburn, the occasional foot wedged up inside my ribs at 2AM, and the infamous waddle that I perfected after I reached 34 weeks. If you have ever been pregnant before, you most likely remember the gradual changes that took place as you got closer to delivery. At 34 weeks pregnant, my sister-in-law Shannon is rapidly approaching the home stretch! The closer she gets to 40 weeks, the more uncomfortable she feels. 

Shannon’s pregnancy is causing her to struggle with hip pain and severe sciatica pain. She reached out to me for help, and we decided to visit a chiropractor that specializes in prenatal care. 

The Top 3 Benefits

  1. Helps to decrease pain and tension (sciatica, lower back pain, pubic symphysis pain, headaches, and carpal tunnel)
  2. Encourages optimal fetal positioning Prenatal Chiropractic Care
  3. Helps to decrease labor and recovery time by making sure that mama’s hips are aligned properly

What to Expect from Prenatal Chiropractic Care 

I took Shannon to see Dr. Beth Williams at Elevation Family Chiropractic. After using a computer muscle assessment, the majority of her tension was located in her lower back from the weight of the baby. She laid down on a table that had a drop down section; a perfect fit for her baby bump. After receiving her adjustment, Dr. Beth helped stretch certain areas of her body to help relieve the baby’s pressure and taught Shannon some new stretches to do at home.

Shannon texted me the next day and let me know that her body felt a lot better. She thinks that her baby boy enjoyed the visit also because he was extremely active after her appointment! No matter what stage of your pregnancy you are in, a prenatal chiropractor can help alleviate some of the discomfort that comes with pregnancy!  


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