Weird, Gross Pregnancy Symptoms No One Talks About (But They Should)


Having gone through three pregnancies myself, I feel like I have experienced the good, the bad, the weird, and gross pregnancy symptoms no one talks about, but should!

Weird and gross pregnancy symptoms no one talks about, but should

I wish more moms and health care professionals warned you about these common yet weird symptoms that no one talks about. Sometimes you can’t find these symptoms in books, but Dr. Google and your seasoned mama friends will reassure you that those weird and gross symptoms you may experience during pregnancy are totally normal! 

There Will be Blood!

Spotting is a common sign of pregnancy that can often throw you off. I know it did for me! What I thought was a light period with my first baby was really just an early sign of pregnancy. Since I didn’t have the typical “missed period”, I didn’t know I was pregnant for the first eight weeks! 

If you experience heavy bleeding, be sure to let your health care provider know. I had experienced heavy bleeding with clots during my third pregnancy which was scary and alarming. Thank goodness everything was all right and it turned out I had uterine bleeding due to the sack detaching and reattaching to a different area of my uterus. 

Is That Pee? Or . . .

If you find fluid coming out of your lady parts and are wondering what the heck it is, it could be a number of things.

For some this may be discharge, passing of the mucus plug, leaking amniotic fluid, sweat or urine. I always found it to be best to let my doctor know about any leaking fluids. Even 1.5 years since giving birth to my third child, I still pee myself every now and then. 

Practicing kegel exercises or using an exercise ball can help strengthen your pelvis before and after childbirth. 

Boob Leakage

I remember with my first pregnancy I had no idea that leaking colostrum (aka first breast milk) was a thing. I would find fluid spots leaking through my shirt at my nipple line.

Looking back, I started wearing nursing pads during the second trimester with all three of my pregnancies. That is one thing no one ever talked to me about!

Food Aversions

I feel like you hear about pregnancy cravings and all the amazing desserts that mamas-to-be indulge on, but no one ever talks about food aversions.

Instead of having fun pregnancy cravings, I had an aversion to meat, whether cooked or uncooked. Looking at meat, smelling meat or eating meat made me sick. I think I was a vegetarian for most of my pregnancy.

Those are just a few of the weird and gross pregnancy symptoms that no one talks about but should. What were your weird and gross pregnancy symptoms? Share in the comments below so we can finally talk about the symptoms that no one talks about!


  1. I had always heard that pregnant women had thick luxurious hair; I did not know that applied to the hair all over your body. I felt like a werewolf! I didn’t realize the texture of my hair would change, either. I developed a cowlick during my first pregnancy! That was difficult.

  2. My second pregnancy brought out all the crazies! Varicose veins on legs AND other surprise places sheesh! Also adding to the hair above yes… my husband gave me a funny look one day before finally telling me I may need to do something about my new side burns haha. Sooo sexy


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