{GUEST POST} Attention Mamas: Self-Care is not an Option


Mommy-Son Time“Self-care is giving the world what’s best of you instead of what’s left of you.” ~Katie Reed

Most parents will tell you about the whirlwind of emotions they felt when they first found out they were going to be bringing a beautiful new life into this world. Most will also go into detail about all of the solicited and unsolicited advice they got from friends and family about their upcoming adventure.

When I found out I was pregnant for the first time everyone warned me about stretch marks and how tired I was fixing to be, but NO ONE told me that all my hair would fall out, that I’d wake up in pools of sweat at 1 AM, or that I’d get acne and my skin tone would become uneven.

Women are expected to provide and love unconditionally, and we usually do. Because we want to, not because we have to. But too often we take care of the needs of everyone else before even thinking about ourselves. Not only does it leave you feeling like an un-pampered shell of your former self, but it also cheats your family out of getting the very best of you.

Putting yourself last can also lead to feelings of isolation, which can be exacerbated by the complete lack of information available that addresses these issues.

When we look at social media or popular magazines and personalities, everything and everyone seems to be absolutely perfect all the time. This not only doesn’t reflect the reality most parents face, it’s also a near-impossible ideal to live up to that tends to create a sense of insecurity and inadequacy.

We’re here to bring these issues to the forefront and change how moms view their roles in the family. We want to empower moms to talk about the lesser-known issues surrounding pregnancy and motherhood, and to embrace the messiness that’s inevitable in life while still prioritizing themselves. It’s for the greater good! After all, our kids look to us for guidance on how we treat others as well as how we treat ourselves.

This naturally brings us to the story of Bare + Bloom! 

As a proud new mom, I became hypervigilant of the products I was subjecting my skin to because I was breastfeeding. I was also terrified of introducing harmful chemicals to my baby and developed a habit of educating myself on product ingredients. We quickly learned that we could develop a cleaner path to self-care. The products my family was using were dirty and, to be honest, I’d never come across a product that I couldn’t live without. I just didn’t know I had other options. From that point on, we began to purge our bathroom cabinets and experiment with our own all-natural formulas free of synthetics, preservatives, and toxins.

The first products we developed were made to treat postpartum hair loss. My hair was falling out by the fistful (literally) and I was at a loss. After spending tons of money trying every hair treatment and shampoo (natural and artificial) I could find—only to worsen the problem—I decided it was time to go out on a limb and make something that was better than anything I could find in stores. That’s how Hat Trick, and ultimately my new full and luscious head of hair, was born!

The next step was to tackle the hyperpigmentation (aka melasma) all over my face. Like the hair loss, I was told this would go away on its own with time, but it didn’t. Sigh! I learned my lesson with the hair issue though, and since it worked so well the first time I knew we could make something that not only could take care of hyperpigmentation but could help alleviate a variety of skin ailments and irritation. We weren’t prepared for the fabulous product we’d come up with. Since then, I haven’t gone a single day without my Bouillon Glow Serum.

We also wanted to make sure our little one got the best of the best, so we created our super safe and nourishing all-purpose baby balm and nipple butter; Sweet Cheeks & Club Areola respectively. Our goal was and still is to provide safe and ethical products that mamas and babies can rely on daily, with easily discernable ingredients.

When you’re at your best, you can give your best. There is nothing better than receiving your children’s praise when you look and feel your best. They take notice! 

It’s so easy for us mamas to put our own needs last. However, dedicating a few moments each day to focus on yourself allows you to be 100% present for those who need you, and makes you their ideal role model for healthy self-care.

{Guest Post} Bare + Bloom Founders Ahmed and Savannah:

Though it’s expected for a beauty products company to include a company history page on their website, we have to admit, it makes us fairly uncomfortable. Why? Because since we first started researching and formulating our skin and hair health and beauty blends, we’ve only ever been about you—our valued customer. Your needs, your health, your expectations, and your satisfaction is all we’ve ever been focused on or concerned about. And our products are a reflection of that dedication. Follow them on Instagram


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