Countdown to Baby Number 2


The countdown is on – 7 weeks. 49 days. 1,176 hours. 69,120 mins. 

7 weeks until our rainbow baby is due. 49 days until we go from a family of three to a family of four. 1,176 hours until my first born becomes a big sister thanks to baby number 2. 69,120 mins until long sleepless nights and the newborn phase.

I won’t lie – I’m excited and anxious at the same time. 

While I can’t wait to hold my baby in my arms, this time around I know exactly what to expect from the “4thtrimester”, and it’s hard! When my daughter was born we were so excited to start our journey into parenthood and while we knew there would be challenges ahead we were blissfully unaware of how hard some of those challenges would be!

My husband was lucky enough to work near our home and was home a lot during that first month. We were also surrounded by family and friends, which made everything so much easier, and our baby girl fitted right into our lifestyle. We have been a family of three for four years now and we have things pretty figured out! This time around, I will be experiencing life with a newborn and a sassy 4 ½-year-old. My husband will be home for the first few weeks but will then return to his normal routine of traveling every week for work. The days will be long and roll into each other, bedtimes will be tough, attention-seeking will be at its highest (maybe from my 4-year-old, maybe from me!!!).

But here is what I know– Nothing good in this world comes easy. And motherhood definitely isn’t easy – yet it is so good, rewarding and beautiful. Those little newborn fingers clinging onto your thumb. Those tiny little toes. Looking down at your tiny baby and knowing your body grew this miracle. This individual, so unique and beautiful. Watching them grow over the years and becoming their own person. Being their absolute world. Being on the receiving end of unprompted hugs and sweet little whispers of “I Love you, Mama”. Knowing you are so lucky to experience all of that when so many other women struggle to become mothers.

Yes, the countdown has begun.

7 weeks until our family dynamic changes forever. 49 days until we get to experience an instant love at first sight like no other. 1,176 hours until my daughter gets to shower “her baby” with all this love she already has. 69,120 mins left to cherish how very lucky we are.

Tick tock tick tock, we are wishing that all 4,147,200 seconds fly by.

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Marion is originally from Dublin, Ireland and moved to San Diego with her husband and daughter in the summer of 2016, and welcomed a baby boy in 2018. Previously a focused career driven working Mama, she is now adapting to the role of Stay at Home Mom. She finds living in San Diego makes that role a lot more enjoyable and loves exploring all that San Diego offers with her 4yr old and 6mth old. When she isn’t trying out new playgrounds or watching Moana for the 50th time, she loves baking, crafting and DIY (although she’s not claiming to be amazingly good at any of these!). She also likes trying out new restaurants with her family, and enjoying a glass (or maybe two!) of wine! She loves to travel, is open to new experiences and really enjoys meeting new people!



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