Ditch Your Bad Cravings: Join SDMB’s Whole30 Challenge!


ditch the cravings


How many times have you left the table feeling full? Not the feeling of satisfaction and energy from the right combination and amount of body fuel, but the painful overeating kind? The kind that almost makes you want to throw up? I have, plenty of times, and then it’s usually followed by a fast-acting headache, embarrassing tummy bloat, lethargy, some cute mood swings and aches in places I didn’t know I could ache. 

Chances are you’ve eaten something that your body just isn’t handling right now, or shouldn’t have eaten in the first place. But it’s hard gauging what triggers our bodies create when we put something in our system if we’re not minding our “peas and cukes”.  (Did you get what I did there? I know, corny – ha!)

Our bodies are a wonder of works alone. With unique inside networks that are working around the clock to make sure we get another happy and healthy trip around the sun. But physiologically it can only do so much. It takes a lot of tenacity on our end to be the supervisor, the gate keeper, of outside influences that can cause our networks to slow down and operate below our potentials.

You would be surprised to discover that the majority of everything our body does and/or reacts to is based from what we consume. I’m sure you’ve heard how sugar is the #1 culprit in half, if not most, of our ailments. I can personally testify toditch the cravings how much inflammation I’ve suffered due to my sugar intake, which increased while I was pregnant. Try as I did shortly after having my little peanut, the cravings didn’t dissolve. They just got worse and I found myself with chronic nerve pangs in my feet as well as my back. (Don’t even get me started on processed foods and their effect!)

So, needless to say, I’ve been doing a lot to counter those cravings. 1) Curb my sugar addictions and 2) try to eat on a healthier level. It’s not easy though. Clean eating in general can sometimes be overwhelming in and of itself because you have to retrain your body and emotions to let go of the cravings and all those poisons you put in your body.

This year San Diego Moms Blog has been enthusiastically dedicating 2017 to be a healthier and happier year. With so much that goes on in the world, and in our lives, it’s important to remember that the root of our happiness and peace starts with ourselves. It’s important, Mommas, to make sure you take care of yourself first and with hectic schedules or overwhelming calendars that can go to the wayside. As the main arteries of our families, it’s important to remember that in order to remain present and engaged with our mates and our littles, it starts with our own healthy mindset, attitude, grace and nutrition.

ditch the cravings

This month we launched our own Whole30 challenge to help our Momma community kick start their 2017 with a fresh and healthy start. 

Have you had a chance to read about it? It’s never too late to join our private Facebook group!  We provide encouragement, personal accountability and oodles of information and examples of goods eats! I want to personally invite you to join us – really, it’s not too late! Matter of fact, it’s NEVER too late to take those simple steps to a great YOU this year!

I can’t wait to start this adventure with you – see you there!


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