Four Life Lessons My Mom Taught Me [Guest Post]


Disclaimer: I’m not a Mom. But I do have a Mom, and the purpose of this post is to recognize all the hard work and sacrifices Moms make in San Diego and
around the world. 

I’m actually a man. Or a boy, whatever you prefer. I’m a 28-year-old in his first year of BYU’s MBA program working on starting his own business. I haven’t accomplished much in life, but everything I have accomplished I owe to my Mom.

Obviously, my Mom taught me to walk, to talk, to tie my shoes, to dress, all the basics, and I probably take those for granted. But, what I hoped to focus on in this post is how my Mom taught me to work, to play, to love, to be selfless, and most importantly to nurture what makes life meaningful.

See, what makes life meaningful? To me, it’s one word – relationships. Fulfilling relationships lead to a meaningful life, and it’s my mother who by far and away taught me how to create fulfilling relationships.


She taught me how to work by example. My mother is the hardest worker I know. Relationships take work. So, work is really important. She taught me to work by serving in the community, and never leaving a job half done.


She taught me to play. She even taught me to play while we worked. She could turn anything into a game with the spunk and attitude she brought. Everyone loved to be around my Mom because we always had fun. Learning to play is important in creating meaningful relationships.


She taught me to love. She always looked to lift and serve those around her. She saw the best in people and tried to bring it out of them. From the stranger in the grocery store to the neighbor next door, she loved people and let them feel it. You can’t begin to have a meaningful relationship until you learn to love.


She taught me to be selfless. I can hardly remember a time when my Mom made something about her. She was constantly doing things for others, and usually, that meant she was doing things for us kids. The amount of sacrifice she performed in raising us cannot be overstated. And through her sacrifice, she taught me how I too can give in a relationship.

To me these basics, are as important, or more important than walking, talking, or tying my shoes. Without these lessons, my life would be so much less meaningful. With these basics, she’s armed me to go forth and do good in the world, to be happy, and to make a difference. So I hope you’ll indulge me, with my brief cameo to say thanks to all the Moms. The difference each of you makes cannot be overstated. The sacrifices you make are what allow for sustainable societies and nations. The sacrifices you make are what allow for the greatest joys in life. The sacrifices you make are what give life meaning.

My Mom has taught me far more than what I’ve mentioned above, but I believe it’s the small and simple things that are the most important. So if you ever feel you’re doing a small or simple thing, something that may even seem meaningless, remember to this son at least, those are the most important.

[Guest Post] Cole Gunderson is an entrepreneur and engineer hailing from Cypress, Texas. He loves Southern California and has visited friends and family there many times. Currently, he’s working on founding a Life Coaching business which can be found at Cole enjoys snowboarding, playing basketball, reading, and writing. His mission in life is to help everyone become their best self.


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