Three-Item Guaranteed Happy Summer Checklist


We’ve all been there. Looking forward to the summer after a very long school year, just to end up with, ultimately, a repeat of the school year with a few extra trips. Oh, and an SD card with about 1,000 photos and videos that will eventually, somehow, maybe, unlikely, all be turned into a photo book….

happy summer checklist

After experimenting with a few disastrous and a few awesome summers over the past 8 years, I finally understood. In truth, no matter what you end up doing, if you do these three steps, you will absolutely have the best summer. I used this checklist for our last summer when we moved from Seattle to San Diego. I also used it consistently throughout the past year for school breaks, holidays, and other ‘out of routine’ times and it worked beautifully.

Don’t Get Fooled By The Simplicity

While these 3 items are simple, they may be the hardest items to check off on your list. If you want to create a successful checklist for any tasks, it must start with these 3 items. These 3 items prime your brain to be receptive to get things done in a peaceful, purposeful, and focused way.




THE Checklist

  1. Set an intention for having the best summer.

  2. Take some time to create a vision for that best summer—involve your whole family! This is not just your typical to-do or “goals” list.

  3. Every day, read through your awesome summer vision, for breakfast lunch and dinner, then take at least 1 action step in the direction of that vision every day.

Let’s Unpack The Checklist

What I mean by ‘set an intention’ is: committing to making this summer your best one yet. Making a ‘no matter what decision’ makes all the difference. When you make such decision, amazing things begin to happen. As you remember your intention throughout the day, your brain will begin seeing the opportunities that would make it true.

Creating a vision for your summer does not mean setting goals and to-do lists. This is a vision of what you would love. If you know exactly how you’re going to get it done, then your summer vision is not big enough. Skip the ‘how’ for this part and dare to imagine!

The challenge is staying open for the opportunities that would allow for such vision to actualize. It is also very important to add to this list not just tangible items, but also who you intend to be. For example, you can add that you will seek joy in all the little moments, even if your child is throwing a fit.

Lastly, read through the vision several times a day and take an action step. Taking the action steps in the direction of your visioned summer is how you bring that intention and vision into tangible world.

Happy dreaming and have an awesome summer!


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