How You Can Honor a Veteran All Year Long


Veterans Day is the day we celebrate, honor, and thank every one of the men and women who has served in the United States Armed Forces. These brave men and women fought for our freedom and protected our country. Now, I don’t know about you, but I feel like these men and women should be honored all year long… not just on one day. So how can you honor a veteran all year long? Here’s how…


You can donate your time and volunteer at our local VA Health Care System. There are also many veteran support organizations that need volunteers like Veterans Village of San Diego, Honor Flight San Diego, Veterans Association of North County, and Homeless Veterans of San Diego


If you aren’t able to donate your time, you can make a monetary donation to any one of those organizations listed above. A few other organizations that you can support are Operation Homefront, The Soldier’s Project, Blue Star Families, and the Honor Foundation

Support a Veteran-owned Business

San Diego is a huge military community, and many businesses in the county are either veteran-owned or veteran-supporting businesses. Instead of buying from a big box store, try supporting one of these local businesses. 

Talk to a Veteran

Take the time to talk to a veteran and learn a little more about them. Ask them about their time of service and what it was like. I’m sure they’ll have plenty to share! But also, don’t ask offensive, triggering questions like, “Did you kill anyone?” Believe me, some people actually ask. 

Say “Thank You” 

Show them your appreciation and gratitude for their service by just saying “Thank You”. Those two words can mean the world to a veteran. 


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