Ashley Lane Fitness Hot Mama Bootcamp Recap!


In case you missed our awesome Hot Mama Bootcamp event this past weekend- well… you missed out!

Let me explain:

You know how you KNOW you need to get back into a workout routine… but you just don’t like going to the gym, because you don’t know how to use the equipment, and you are scared to try a new class? 

Well… Ashley Lane and her team are amazing. Their approach to their (mostly) women only gym is that it’s MORE then just a workout. You can try the classes there- stress free- because they can be modified to fit your fitness level. They offer a number of classes, nutrition coaching, and on site beauty services! They also have fun girls night events. It’s basically a one stop shop for all your needs.

You also HAVE to see their bathroom… it’s so beautiful!

hot mama bootcamp ashley lane fitness

The cool part about the location of Ashley Lane Fitness is their proximity to other local businesses that Ashley partners with. They have a partnership
with the chiropractor that’s in the building, and they are RIGHT. NEXT. DOOR. to a brewery! Can we say yoga and beer?

ashley lane fitness bootcamp
Pictured: Krystal, Trainer, Owner (Ashley), Jenna and Lisa

Back to the workout! So the workout we did for the morning was the bootcamp class. It’s popular because there are so many different ways for the trainer to put the class together to keep it interesting for the class members.

We did a circuit type of workout, completing around 12 exercises for one minute each. Our “break” was a jog around the block with a sprint at the end. After we thought we were dead, we completed the circuits again!

Overall, there were lots of fitness levels with each of the participants. The goal for the class is to be pushed so you work hard, but not pushed so far out of your comfort zone that you lose your breakfast. The trainer was super motivating throughout the workout, while making sure that we had proper form and modified correctly as needed.

bootcamp ashley lane fitness

>>>>>And Ashley want to extend this special promo to our readers! Call them up and let them know that you want your first class to be $10 so you can see for yourself how awesome Ashley Lane Fitness is. Tag us so we can see your sweaty pics when you are there!<<<<<<


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