How to Plan a Parent Getaway in 4 Steps


You know you need to plan a parent getaway but the task feels overwhelming.This article will give you the step by step plan to get some much needed kid-free time with your partner.

If you aren’t sure you should plan a parent getaway check out Part 1, 5 Reasons Why you Need to Plan a Parent Getaway.  

Parent getawayWhen I got a chance to get away with my husband this summer, my first thought was “No way. It is too much work to figure this out.” I experienced anxiety over thinking of the planning process and almost decided to not do it!  

However in the end, it wasn’t as hard as I had imagined and the benefits far outweighed the costs.  

Of course you will need to plan your trip and pack yourself. This article focuses on the steps to take to overcome the hurdles particularly with being parents trying to get away.  

Step #1: Start Off with Small Parent Getaways

The biggest hurdle to overcome is making partner-only time a priority.  When in the infant stage, getting used to your new role as parents and a baby that needy for its mom, it can be hard to find the time. The first step is to get it on the calendar and start small. Plan a night a month where you get away for a date night. When you move into the toddler stage, plan a one night local getaway. By the time they are school-aged, you will be ready for that week trip sans kids.

Step #2:  Find Childcare you Can Trust 

Childcare you trustThe next biggest hurdle to overcome is finding childcare. The first choice is family.  We flew in Grandma to watch our kids. If family isn’t an option, the next best thing is friends.  Asking to exchange watching each other kids for a weekend can be a fun experience for the parents and kids alike and you are helping your friends also with their relationship. Finally if you have a hired nanny or babysitter you can ask them to stay overnight.  Check out June Care as a local option to help with your sitting needs.

Step #3:  Make the Itinerary for Your Sitter

The next task is to create your itinerary that gives instructions for taking care of your kids while gone. Your itinerary should include:

  • Important numbers of friends, doctors, and emergency numbers
  • What to make for dinners
  • Directions to kids activities, stores, and fun locations
  • Schedule of kids activities going on that week
  • Behavior plan and consequences the sitter can use 

This helps you feel more confident in leaving your children and gives the caregiver the confidence to take care of the kids.    

Step #4: Prepare your Children for the Parent Getaway

Letting your children know what is going on is key to having a good experience. Even toddlers need to have a heads up when there is a disruption to the normal. Some things to talk to them about are:

  • Showing them the calendar so they have a visual of the length of trip.
  • Talk about the activities they will be doing while you are gone.
  • Describing the fun they will have with the caregiver and framing it in a positive light
  • Expectations of their behavior while you are gone. Empower them to be a helper.

It is a big step as a mom to entrust and leave our children in the care of another. However, we need to find the time to connect with our partner. These steps should give you some confidence to know how to get your plan in action for a parent getaway! 



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