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I think we can all agree that having conversations with our children about diversity, inclusion and anti-bias are extremely important.

As the mother of a bi-racial daughter, this has been a difficult time. It has been a difficult time for many. To think a class-mate or a friend would judge my daughter by the color of her skin and treat her any differently made the pain I already felt, hurt even more. But it also made the importance of having these conversations even more important. 

mighty kind magazineDifficult conversations are already hard. Difficult conversations with a child can be even harder, if you don’t have the tools or resources to communicate on a level that makes sense to them. Most of us aren’t teachers and/or don’t have that background as it has become very evident many of our parents didn’t have these types of conversations with us. 

The good news is Mighty Kind magazine was designed specifically to help you as parents navigate these tricky conversations with your kids. Each issue of Mighty Kind celebrates the role of kindness as a foundation for anti-bias learning, in bringing the world closer together and empowers kids to get out in the world and be kind. 

Mighty Kind is a magazine to inspire a global community of kids who care.

Such a simple concept that could literally change the world, right?
mighty kind magazine

So if your kids are ages 4-12 and you want to start the conversation about how to help your kids understand and celebrate world cultures this magazine will help discover ‘big ideas’ in personal development and work toward making the world a better place, one act of kindness at a time. They focus on kindness and compassion as a foundation for anti-bias learning and conversations while aiming to provide a platform for diverse voices and perspectives.

We were able to share their Greetings Issue with a few of our San Diego Moms Contributors and included below is some of our honest feedback on the experience of sharing this with our kids.


Niki Jones, San Diego Moms Owner and daughter Kaia age 4

“As a parent I loved the illustrations and simplicity of the magazine. I feel like it could be a fun “workbook” that you can do a few pages at a time with your kids. It takes very simple concepts that promote diversity and relates them to concepts Kaia was able to easily understand. From greetings to handshakes and sharing about different cultures and how they all greet each other it was really fun to go through the entire magazine with Kaia. She is taking Spanish right now and absolutely loves it so she was particularly interested in learning the different ways to say hello around the globe.” 

Tracie Rosales, San Diego Moms Contributor and Mom to son Christian age 10

“As a parent I found the children’s section to be a fun way to teach kids and the graphics were a great mix of cartoons and real life.  I was very impressed with the way it incorporates kids in the beginning and then a parents section with great articles.  The mission impacted both of us as we are always talking about trying to bring kindness, and make the world a better place for everyone.  Talking about diversity is a great lesson for us all and being “Mighty Kind” is as Christian said a cool super power for us all.”   

“I love the style and images of the magazine and that I learned a lot of cool things but it was fun and not boring.  I think being “Mighty Kind” is a great superpower that we all can have.  I want to read the next magazine when it comes out.” Christian (age 10) 

Nicolette Lieberman, San Diego Moms Contributor and Mom to Isabelle age 5

“I read through Mighty Kind with my 5-year-old daughter as we wound down for bed. She was an immediate fan of the activities in the magazine such as ‘Spot the Difference’, ‘A-mazing Maze’ and ‘Hello Word Search.’ We have been sending friends mail since the pandemic began, and she was very interested in the ideas outlined in ‘Happy Mail.’ We also discussed the ways people greet each other in various cultures. We learned new things about animal interactions as well! We enjoyed the section about Mexico and ‘Meet Our Pen Pal’.”

“It’s cool that she likes to draw, like me!” Isabelle (age 5).

“I love that this magazine has smartly chosen ways to deliver, educate, and entertain children on the important concepts of diversity and acceptance!”

San Diego Mom readers can use code SDMOMS for 10% off their magazine or subscription purchase through the end of the year! For more information on Might Kind magazine and how to sign up visit – www.MightyKindKids.com

Their next issue, Storytelling, will be released late November and is available for pre-order.



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