{SPONSORED} Octopus: Creating Good Habits Has Never Been So Easy


People are shocked when I tell them that not only do my kids go to bed at 7:30PM, they put themselves to bed. Want to know the secret? The Octopus Kids Smart Watch: the first icon-based watch that empowers kids by teaching good habits and the concept of time.

“My daughter absolutely loved wearing the watch. The user-friendly app made it simple to set up and keep her on schedule.” ~ Ashly

Available on Amazon in TWO Colors
with Night Light ($79.99)

Octopus Kids Smart Watch v2 – Blue
Octopus Kids Smart Watch v2 – Red


Octopus is a smart watch to help kids form good habits and manners. Designed for ages 3+, you’re probably wondering how a child would even read the tasks, let alone know when they’re suppose to do it. With backgrounds in child development, engineering, business & communication, the creators of The Octopus smartwatch help parents provide structure and routines in their children’s lives.  


Once you have your watch, you download the app which is very user friendly. You’ll be able to schedule tasks like “brush your teeth” to “bath time”. The Octopus smartwatch uses icons instead of words and small vibrations to alert your child of their tasks. No more nagging. No more repeating yourself. No more screaming!


It has created a great structure for school vacation breaks. I constantly felt guilty every time we would get off schedule {which was every day, if I’m being totally honest}. The Octopus app not only created structure for my kids but for me and my husband as parents. My girl’s favorite part of the Octopus is the charging dock. It’s a cute Octopus that doubles as a night light. Using the watch, my girls have become more independent which leads to higher self esteem. I cannot recommend this enough.

This post is sponsored, but as always, opinions expressed are 100% my own.


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