The Real Truth about the ‘Not-So-Glamorous’ First Trimester


first trimester

As a makeup artist, I normally blog about all things beauty, but being pregnant with our sixth child has taken a bit of a toll on me lately and I could honestly care less about being beautiful this week. I am just trying to survive morning sickness and the last week of this crummy first trimester.

I’m just gonna be real, the first trimester can suck sometimes! So does the oily skin, brittle nails, night sweats, hot flashes, nausea, bloating and mood swings all coupled with unexpected extended family drama has just about turned me into “the terminator.” Although I will say the silky, super curly hair I’m having is so far a plus for me, so no complaints there. And wait, what about the full, tender breasts I keep reading about that happen during the first trimester? After nursing 5 kids, my breasts now look like empty tube socks and can fold up like origami, so I am super disappointed because I’m still waiting and looking down my shirt daily for my full breasts to appear as I quickly approach my second trimester!

I don’t feel like doing a single thing other than sitting on the couch eating watermelon and strawberries, because trying to accomplish even the smallest of tasks without vomiting or suffering an unexpected hot flash seems daunting. I’ve even been MIA from my weekly Zumba classes for the past 5 weeks and have avoided answering the door because I know it’s only a matter of time before our drill sergeant Zumba instructor, who also lives 4 blocks from me, comes looking for me. Days like this I really wish I knew Mary Poppins personally so she could snap her fingers and cause the 8 loads of laundry a week to just walk themselves to the washer and dryer, fold themselves up and put themselves away. Picking up all the toys and messes is a losing battle right now. Our 16-year-old has been tackling the dishes most nights, and thank God my younger kids know how to get themselves dressed so they don’t look completely homeless for school and church and they can also pour cereal and make sandwiches or they probably would’ve starved by now. 

When I was pregnant with my first child, 16 years ago, I had ZERO morning sickness, beautiful hair, skin and nails and could sleep as much as I felt necessary because I had no kiddos yet. Oh how that has changed drastically — because fast forward to 5 kids later and I can’t even use the bathroom alone without our 21-month-old stalker tracking me down and offering to help me wipe when I’m done on the potty. There are diapers to be changed, heads need to be combed, clothes laid out for school and at least a dozen snacks and meals made daily because I literally gave birth to locusts. My kids will even eat nuts and bolts as long as there’s ketchup on them, so laying in bed hot, nauseous and dizzy is not something I’m allowed to do right now.

Now don’t get me wrong, I really do love being pregnant and being a mom, and granted this time around I’m not even as sick as I was with our second child. With baby #2, I used to just lay on the floor while pregnant and ask God to take me quickly and painlessly because the all-day morning sickness was that horrible. And it didn’t help that she looked like a troll doll for the first five months of her life instead of one of those beautiful babies you read and hear about so again I know I probably shouldn’t complain too much but hey, we’re only human.

So for all of you expecting mommas out there who may be dealing with the morning sickness, hormonal skin, pregnancy discomforts or emotional breakdowns, just know that I see you, I hear you and I can totally relate but also let’s remember how amazing we are simply because we grow new life and birth it into this world and we sacrifice our bodies, our comforts, our time, our energy and even our sanity to be moms, so go ahead put your swollen feet up, pat yourself on the back and treat yourself to your favorite craving and a nap because you deserve it!

first trimester


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