Four Ways to Model Body Positivity for Your Kids this Summer


Summer is a great time to model body positivity for your kids. Kids pick up on the language that moms use about food and their bodies, and they are like little sponges, taking it all in.

Here are four ways to model body positivity for your kids this summer:

  1. Put on the swimsuit! Don’t make a comment about your stomach or thighs….just wear the suit and play with your kids. Making memories is so much more important than focusing on how you look. Buy a suit that you love and jump in the water!
  2. Model enjoying healthy foods with the delicious summer produce. There’s no need to emphasize “good” or “bad” foods. Teaching kids the joy that comes from biting into a fresh, juicy peach, strawberry, or ear of corn will help them cultivate their own positive relationship with healthy foods. Want to hit a local Farmer’s Market? Check out San Diego farmers market guides here and here (for North County). 
  3. Practice body positivity by talking about things you love about yourself. It doesn’t have to be “looks” related, but it’s powerful for kids to hear their mom talk about her strengths and superpowers. Whether you love to run, killed it on a work project, or knocked out a house project like a boss, talk yourself up. Put this into practice by taking time to go around the dinner table and have each person share something they are proud of from the day or week.
  4. Be active as a family. Helping your kids to find their own physical strength is empowering! There are so many ways to be active together, especially here in San Diego. From having a family dance party to taking a hike or walk together, the activity doesn’t need to be complicated.  Most importantly, talk about the importance of taking care of your body, and feeling strong when learning a new skill. When kids view physical activity as a way to feel powerful, they build confidence from the inside out. 

If you need help building your own healthy relationship with food or your body, you aren’t alone! Download a free guide to overcoming the diet mentality and learn how to fuel your body and model healthy habits for your kids here.



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